frickity frack rin okamura and nishinoya and mikoshiba have the same voice


so there’s a pokemon trainer, and he has a pokemon, and they’re about to fight a gym leader but the pokemon is low on health.  the pokemon begs the trainer for a heal, but the trainer is like, “my potions are too strong for you, graveler”

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I hope Yang’s mother is called ‘Yin’

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I took my kitten to the vet and all the veterinarians were all cuddling him and tickling him and going “awwwwww” and I realized that even though they see kittens every day they never get tired of it because they love them so much. And then I thought about gynecologists.

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German Stereotypes that will make you cry because they are so true


  1. Take, for example, what happens in a supermarket when another check out line opens. Instead of calmly indicating the person at the top of the queue, yet to unload their basket onto the conveyor belt, should head up the new checkout line, there is this mad dash like a scattered flock of sheep, and one’s standing in the original queue becomes completely irrelevant. If you are fast enough, you can theoretically come from well behind and end up getting served before the person five people in front of you, who has been patiently waiting for 10 minutes. And no one thinks anything of it.

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that michael jones vs the world post


 i need a moment


Look at all the cute.

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100000% done with these people

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what the fuck is this snake’s problem


what the fuck is this snake’s problem

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