Ok well if anyone’s interested in trying this out, I uploaded my program stuff onto 4shared, so you just have to download/unzip the folder then run the application (no different than shimeji if you have those :3 )

Click here to find it! :D

This one’s windows only, so sorry if you use something else :\

I do have programs that will run on mac and linux but I just didnt upload those.

If you’re interested its a game that sort of like a cross between pacman and space invaders, and uses the mouse buttons and keys on the keyboard for controls.

Theres also a bit of a special easter egg thats not too hard to find >w>

There is a way to lose the game but at this point no actual way to win. as long as you dont lose you can play forever! :D

***EDIT: it doesnt work on other computers because everything is stupid :I  i’ll talk to my prof to see if theres a way to do it otherwise I’ll just make a video of gameplay? anyways sorry if you had your heart set on playing this haha like anyone actually did