So today I decided to take my turtle out and snap some pics of him (92 to be exact) because well he’s awesome and I know most of you haven’t met him!

His name is Shuichi and he’s a Box turtle (as far as I know haha). I got him for my birthday when I turned 12 and I guess we’ve taken well-enough care of him since he’s still alive and kicking!

Fun fact: He freaking loves grapes. Like, ignore-other-food-and-water-and-eat-all-grapes-until-they’re-gone-before-doing-anything-else loves grapes. Its actually kind of funny.

Fun fact 2: He also refuses to eat anything red, so no tomatoes and no red food pellets haha.

I guess I’ll cut this short since I’m sure its already quite a bit of scrolling… but if you want to know anything else about him just ask owo